e-Procurement Training & Support

e-Procurement Training & Support

Online and Offline Support!

Server Installation and Maintainance

Server Installation and Maintainance

Online and Offline Support!!


Annual Maintainance Contract (AMC)

Annual Maintenance and Support Contract for Hardware, Software, Networking and Power Backup System.

OS Support


Window Servers, Linux/Unix Server, Database Server, Mail Servers, DNS / Proxy / File /Active Directory Server, Video Conferencing, VOIP, Data Backup and Virtualization Services.


Cartridges:Toner & Refills

Printers, Photocopy Maintenance and Cartridge Refilling Services, Print Server, PABX, Web CAM, Projector, UPS, Generator, Air Conditioner Installation and Maintenance.

Web Development

Web Application Development

Web Site, Software, Mobile Software Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Cloud Services.

Network Support

Network and Communication Support

Network & communication Designs and supports for LAN,WAN and VPN, setting up Router, Managed and Unmanaged Switches, Firewall, Gateway, Bandwidth Management etc.